L. Baker

"I love the intimacy of a home church and how, as we gather in small groups, we seek Christ. It produces an intense growth of Christ's love in me."

Dean B.

"While I have been blessed by the traditional church model and many continue to be blessed, I've come to love the "home church model" for its simplicity and similarity to the early church described in the book of Acts 2:47.  By meeting in small groups, believers become participants and servant leaders, rather than spectators, which increases intimacy with the Lord and one another.  We are freed from caring for a building and many programs so we have more to give to people in genuine need and to spread the gospel both here and abroad.  We'd love for you to visit.  The Orchard might be what you've been longing for in fellowship and worship."

Dee B.

"As a young Christian, I was part of a "home church" in Seattle that I absolutely loved.  The clusters of small groups meeting in homes felt like family.  So, when I moved year-round to Door County, and heard a " home church" might be in the works, I dove in with both feet!  The Orchard format is more intimate, and members testify to truly growing both in wisdom and love.  I wonder if this may be the church of the future with persecution on the rise for true Bible believing Christians?  We've been able to keep meeting during COVID by having one small live group and one larger ZOOM group.  We'd love to have you visit either!"

Mike B.

"I love the relationships with fellow Christians possible only in the home church model.  The personal study of scriptures and weekly discussion meetings have helped me to better understand and believe in the truths in the Bible. I have grown closer to God since attending The Orchard EFCA."

JoAnn B.

" I love the intimacy of a smaller group, and being able to be part of the dialogue in our studies as we support and help each other to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ."

D. Harmer

"The Orchard "home church" has been a true blessing to me.  We study Scripture and learn about God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit in an environment of love and acceptance.  We discuss and can ask questions about things we don't understand which has been a huge gift.  I have often had questions in other church situations and have never asked  because I didn't want to appear uninformed.  Now, I just want to learn and questions are answered right in the moment - no judgement - just other Christians helping and encouraging me in my journey.  We have an intimacy with our church family that is encouraging and a testimony to God's love.  We may be small, but we love BIG!"

Dan & Kathy H.

"We gather prepared to share our honest response to God's word:  Praise, joy and gratitude, frustration, anger, confusion or even apathy.  We sing, listen and encourage each other.  We pray and then leave full of His peace!  It's wonderful (both in person and via ZOOM). "

C. Davis

"What makes The Orchard fellowship so fulfilling is our intimacy together with God.  We don't go to a building that is the church, but rather, meeting in homes, we're learning how to be the church as members of one another in Christ Jesus.  We do this by being immersed in God's Word, bearing one another's burdens, and worshipping God together."