The Orchard is a new church plant of the Forest Lake District of the Evangelical Free Church.  Many will ask, “Why a new church?  Don’t we already have enough churches?”   Some people might even say, “Well we need the churches that we have to grow.  We don’t need another church.”

First of all we want the present churches growing through people coming to Christ.  We pray to that end.  We do not see ourselves in “competition” with other churches.  We want to work cooperatively with like-minded churches to fulfill the Great Commission.

Second of all it has been proven over and over again that the way to reach people is by starting new churches.  Today only 22% of people in Wisconsin attend a church on a regular basis.  And more and more people (even Christians) are not attending church.  There are numerous reasons for this.  If you want to know those reasons I would recommend looking at the link

Then the answer to the question, “Don’t we already have enough churches?”, is, “NO.”  Where are we going to put the 78%?   Indeed we need more churches that have a heart to reach people so more people can experience God’s grace in Christ.  If another group came into our community and wanted to start a church we would say, “How can we help?”  Every church will reach different people.   The Orchard will reach different people than other churches.  We recognize and celebrate that.

At  The Orchard our desire is Christ’s desire which is to seek and to save.  If you want to be a part of a church that has a strong vision for outreach, and you want to be involved in that mission then give us a call or contact us.  Right now we are meeting in homes for worship, prayer, and study.   We are still small, and some might want a larger church with more programs.  That’s fine.  We understand that.  But if you want to be part of a fellowship that has a heart for people coming to faith in Christ then we might be what you are looking for.   But wherever you go we encourage you to have Jesus’ heart for mission to people around you.