“Lord I Want To Know You”

Want to KNOW YOUR GOD more??  Who He really is ~ how He works in our lives?  Want to grow in confidence to stand in the midst of pain and confusion?  Join us as God reveals Himself ~ His character and His sovereign ways through His names ~ in our summer study! Lord, I Want to Know You will introduce us to our God in a transforming way: for to know God is to know His character which is revealed in the names He calls Himself (each name is an aspect of His sovereignty in and over our lives).
Dates:  Tuesdays ~ June 5- Aug. 14
Time:  10-11:30 ish
Where: BREW coffee House (for month of June)
July–Aug.~ at Susie’s House/Backyard (for warmer and busy months)





Aronbaptized_editedugust 2016, in the waters of Green Bay, four members of the Orchard Family pledged their lives to Jesus Christ.  Below you will find a link to a video, where you can hear the meaning of Baptism and the personal testimonies of those who were baptized.




Twila Quenzer’s Testimony of Overcoming Depression




Our board has voted to support two new missions. Due to the increased persecution of Christians around the world, we long to support these brothers and sisters in distress. Open Door Missions says this is the worst year in modern history for the persecution of Christians. It is due not only to ISIS, but three fourths of the world’s Christian population is suffering displacement, imprisonment, closed doors for employment, and martyrdom. For this reason we are supporting an unnamed family working undercover and also Voice of the Martyrs. You can read more about Voice of the Martyrs at their website and also offer to get on their e-mail list for specific prayer requests:





The Orchard

 When I settled in at Björklunden (a lodge in Door County) for the summer, one of the first things I did was look online for a church to attend. You might guess that’s something I would do, since I love church and all, but honestly I didn’t really want to. It took a bit of forcing because I would have rather just stayed where I was comfortable instead of venture out on my own to meet new people in an unfamiliar setting. The thing that pushed me to do it was remembering that my 3 months studying abroad in Ecuador were a little dark, and I knew part of that was because I felt like I was slipping away from God without any Christian community to keep me anchored in to my faith. I feared my 3 months in Door County having the same result, so I knew what I needed to do. I searched and searched online, but could not find any Sunday morning services that were early enough (we started work at 10). I didn’t want to rely on Saturday evenings since that was our only day off and I wanted to be free to travel. Somehow, on the bottom of one local church’s website, I saw a link to something called “The Orchard.” I was curious, because it hadn’t shown up in my other searches, so I clicked on it. It turned out to be a Monday night church that met in people’s homes, designed to be more accessible for Door County tourist employees who work a lot on the weekends. I fought all of my reservations (what if I show up at the wrong house? what if nobody actually goes? what if I don’t fit in, or I don’t like it?) and dragged myself out of the lodge that Monday night to drive across the peninsula. I found a house far back in the woods, and hesitantly walked up to the door, praying that I had found the right one since I no longer had phone reception. Thankfully, it was, and I am so glad that I found The Orchard!was a warm, welcoming and wise community that I’ll always be thankful to have been with this past summer.


One thing I will always remember is a teaching on Ephesians and when we talked about the following verse:

And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all attain to the unity of the faith and of the knowledge of the son of God. (Ephesians 4:11-13)

Our pastor told us after we read through this, and talked about different gifts within the church, than he doesn’t like being called a “minister.” His reason was that his role is to equip all of the Christians he teaches to be ministers. It is the job of the whole body of Christ to minister to one another, not just for the pastor to minister to them. As soon as he said that, I recognized that this is the way The Orchard operates. I had been seeing it all of the previous weeks I attended, and all of the weeks I continued to attend. Some of the people there were facing serious trials, and they were able to be vulnerable and open about it to the church. The others in the church responded with such genuine love and compassion, and did all they could to help. They truly were an example of a community that continually ministered to its members and to others that were outside of the group. They were constantly praying for people they knew and talking about ways to invite others to share in what they had. I had never seen a group of people so clearly live out what their mission was, and being able to witness that gives me so much hope!

I haven’t thought much about community after college (when it’s so easy), and especially not after work or retirement, but this church has shown me that community is possible at any age and for all ages together. People from so many walks of life – different ages, different lengths of time following Christ, different careers – form such a genuine group that cares for all of its members! It was so uplifting to be a part of, even in the short time I was able to be with them. It was definitely a memorable experience, a highlight of my summer, and something I am very grateful to have been a part of.