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Marriage and the Order within Creation

by Douglas Quenzer

When we read the creation narrative people often look for the answer to how God created the world. In other words we come with scientific questions. But the real purpose of the text is not to give a scientific answer but to give an answer regarding the purpose of creation and God’s desire for His […]

Leviticus 18 on Homosexuality

by Douglas Quenzer

Sometimes things are not easy to hear. They can be shocking, disconcerting, and even make you angry. But one of the reasons why I believe this ruling by the Supreme Court is dangerous is because of what Leviticus says about homosexual practices. One of the arguments by many in the LGBT movement is that the […]

Going through the Fire (Mark 1:12-13)

by Douglas Quenzer

As I am writing this a friend of mine, a fairly new believer, is going through a trial by fire; a physical illness. It’s tough to see it happen. I pray that there would be relief. God can surely heal. He may do it immediately or progressively. He may choose to use the doctors or […]

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